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Alexander Language Schools

The Alexander Language Schools franchise has been franchising English language schools world wide for over four decades. The privately-owned language training franchise, which has already spread itself to over 100 locations, is in need of master franchisees that are willing to run their own language schools either for children alone or for both kids and adults to help the franchise develop further.  Available internationally only.

The educational franchise requires the services of single unit franchisees, area/master franchisees, brokers/franchise sales agents and consultants to franchise anywhere in the world. The language training franchise is willing to provide territorial rights to both single unit and area or master franchisees. Franchisees can make use of the know-how, pattern, trade name and service logo of the franchisor. Apart from enjoying all these privileges, franchisees will also have the pleasure of being their own boss.

Franchisees will be required to run the business independently, suiting the standards of the educational franchise. Since 1966, the language division of the quality training franchise (ALS, Alexander /Athena language schools) has been teaching all levels of English and other languages leading to proficiency.

A blend of traditional and modern methods is used to produce the best possible results from the students whose age group ranges from eight to 20. The language training franchise also deals with training the language skills of adults, mostly businessmen in separate classes.

Each franchisee uses our system, know-how, trade name/service mark/name, logos, etc, being their own boss and having complete control and independence in running their business according to our standards.


  • General courses
  • Regular Courses
  • Courses for beginners
  • Intensive Courses, Semi-Intensive Courses
  • Pre-School Programmes (for 5-6-year- old children)
  • Courses for Adults
  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Women teachers for Juniors

We are ready to grant territorial rights to the single unit or area/master franchisee.

Why Partner With Us?

  • Ongoing support and assistance with regular updates of information and guidance
  • Advice and counsel by telephone, in writing and in person regarding the organization and operation of the school
  • Methods of attracting and recruiting students, recruiting, interviewing and evaluating teaching staff
  • Effective ways of facing and solving problems (problem shooting), and difficulties arising from competition and other situations occurring during the operation of the school
  • Common programmes of education and teaching methods, methodology and training
  • Our experience, expertise and know - how 
  • Exclusivity of territory
  • Selection criteria for the most suitable location, and advice on the furnishing, equipment, remodeling and decoration of premises.
  • Development and growth of your enterprise with the most flexible organization
  • Local and regional advertising and promotion
  • National advertising and publicity
  • (through major TV channels, newspapers, radio stations, the Internet etc)
  • Continuous updates on current educational matters.
  • Complete educational support services
  • Automatic membership of the students in the Alexander Club (where they are entitled to benefits, discounts, participation in various activities etc.)